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Visa Services

All foreign nationals wishing to enter in Angola must possess a valid passport. Entry visas are required for non Angolan nationals from countries with which Angola has no reciprocal agreement regulating the rights of entry. The Angolan authorities issue transit visas, short term visas, ordinary visas, tourist visa, privilege visa work visas, residence visas, temporary residence permit, study permit and medical treatment permit.
All foreign workers performing duties in Angola shall obtain visas after justification is made for their stay. If the workers are hired by an Angolan company or allocated to a permanent establishment of a foreign company, they should also obtain work permits.

Foreign citizens are not permitted to engage in employment until work permits are issued. Non Angolan nationals wishing to take up a residence in Angola must apply for residence permits. Applicants must initially apply for the visas at the Angolan Embassy or Consulate in their area of residence in the home countries.

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Available Services and Requirements:

Consular Registration | Birth Registration | Marriage | Passport Issuance | Notary Services

Type of Visa:

Transit visas are short-term travel visas granted by the concerned Angolan consular authorities for a period of 5 days, which can be prorogued for an equal period of time and valid for a single entry. Short-term visas are valid for a single entry and granted for a period of 15 days.

Short term visa is conceded by the Angolan Services of Migration and Foreigner (SME), through his border police stations, with the goal to permit the entry in national territory of the foreign citizens that could not get the visa in the concerned Angolan Consular Authority.

The ordinary visa is granted to foreign people by the concerned Angolan consular authorities for a period of 30 days. This kind of visa is issued for familiar, cultural, scientific, business and tourist reasons and might be used within 60 days after the date of issuance.

The work visas are conceded by the Angolan consular authorities to permit the entry in Angola of foreign citizens with the objective of realize, temporarily, a professional activity in the interest of the State or the third parties. The work visa is valid for multiples entries and enables the holder to stay in the country for a period of 12 month, which can be prorogued for equal periods of time up to the term of the work contract. Media professionals interested in coverage of events in Angola must first obtain an invitation letter from CIAM (Centro de Imprensa Anibal de Melo) in Luanda.

Privilege visa is granted to the foreign citizen with investment in Angola. Tourist, medical treatment and study visa are provided for the described purposes only.

South African visitors traveling with Diplomatic and Official passports are granted a visa-free entry into Angola.

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NOTICE: All payments for Visa applied at Consular Sector of the Angolan Embassy in Pretoria should be done by bank transfer or deposit to Bank: ABSA, Account Number: 00417300 and Account Name: Angolan Embassy. The Embassy does NOT accept visa fees by cash, credit/debit cards and personal bank checks. Payments to the above account are exclusively for Visa application and Consular documents to be submitted in Pretoria. If you will submit your paperwork in Johannesburg, Durban or Cape Town, please, donít make any deposit here. We advise you to call the concerning Consulate for banking information.

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Foreign nationals interested in traveling to Angola can also obtain their entry visas into the country, among our Consulates. Angola has three Consulates in South African territory, as bellow:

The Angolan Consulate General in the city of Johannesburg has its headquarters in that city at the address below:
Waterside place
15 Zulberg close
Bruma 2026

Tel: 011 622 6025
Fax: 011 622 7959

Cape Town
The Angolan Consulate General in Cape Town has its headquarters in that city at the address below:
7 Coen Steytler Avenue
Metropolitan Building
15th Floor
Cape Town
Western Cape

Tel: 021 425 8700/01
Fax: 021 425 8705

The Angolan Consulate General in Durban has its headquarters in that city at the address below:
54 Gladys Manzi Road Greyville
Durban, 4001

Tel: 031 309 2132
Fax: 031 309 21 11

There is also a Trade Representative Office of Angola in South Africa, whose address is below:

7th Floor Fredman Towers.
13 Fredman Drive
P.O. Box 784956
Sandton 2146

Tel: 011 884 3212/19
Fax: 011 884 3536

Fax: 012 342-7039 Call us: 012 342-0049/50 E-mail Us Here
If you are calling from a country other than South Africa, please place 0027 and ignore the 0 before the phone and fax numbers.

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